Hydrogeological expertise

Planning and realization of hydrogeological measurements such as interference assessments, pumping tests 

Normally, measurement and interpretation of pumping tests are performed in production and observation wells. The output parameters are very important for hydrogeological modelling. We calculate the value of hydraulic conductivity, specific storage and yield based on field measurements and special software (Dupuit–Thiem, Altovszkij, Theis, Cooper–Jacob, Theis-–Jacob, Neumann etc.)

Preparation of transport and heat transport models for remediation projects and heat pump systems

We make hydrodynamic models using up–to–date software such as FEFLOW and VISUAL MODFLOW FLEX. Models are prepared for steady state and transient cases in local or regional scale. We carry out models porous and fractured media and in bank–filtered production wells. Design and preparation of environmental impact assessment and action plans are made based on 3D transport modelling.

We construct 3D hydrodynamic models of thermal water aquifers. The largest model we have built is the regional heat transport and hydrodynamic model of thermal water resources of Bihar–Bihor County (Hungary and Romania).

Identification of polluting sources, water quality investigations

We undertake accredited water and soil sampling and their hydrogeological interpretation. Our services orders include contaminant analysis, stable isotope measurements, hydrochemical analysis and their hydrogeological interpretation. We utilize Ion-Selective Electrodes to determine the hydrochemical parameters of springs, natural streams, lakes and channels.

Long-term (online/offline) monitoring

Our company undertakes the installation and operation of automatic measuring instruments in monitoring and production wells or even in streams. We also make the evaluation and interpretation of hydrogeological investigations. With the help of our DATAQUA and CTD-DIVER equipment we can observe changes in water level, temperature, conductivity and air pressure.

Diagnostic investigations and Protection Plans of vulnerable water resources

Since 2006, our company has been involved in diagnostic investigations of more than 50 producing vulnerable water resources (KEOP 2.2.3/A, KEOP 2.2.3/C, INTERREG).

The Protection plan of water resources includes the assignment of the interior, exterior, hydrogeological “A” and “B” protection zones and their territorial restrictions. This requires a series of complex, geological-hydrogeological tasks: data collection, geophysical surveys, identification of polluting sources, well hydraulic measurements, hydrodynamic modelling, and realization of land registry documentation. The exact location of the protection zones, as well as all information obtained during the project, are stored in a GIS database.

Thermal water exploration and Geothermal Heat Pump Systems

Geothermal conditions in Hungary are very favourable; therefore the demand for Geothermal Heat Pump Systems has increased dramatically in the last ten years. Our company carries out research of thermal water aquifers and determination of exploitable water quantity data. We identify the optimum location of the supply and injection wells connected to a geothermal heating and cooling system and also their water licensing.

Tracer tests in fractured karst systems

The connection between recharge and discharge areas is generally quite complex in karst systems. Tracer tests are the most effective way to reveal the groundwater flow paths in these systems. Our device, GGUN-FL, with the aid of a field laboratory can not only measure the turbidity, but also detect three, up to five tracers simultaneously.