Nature conservation surveys, analyses and measurements under the project ID SKHU/1601/1.1/035

The Aggtelek National Park Directorate (ANPD) as the leader of the project made a procurement procedure for the qualification of the Baradla-Domica and Béke cave system as medical/wellness facilities. Our company is taking part in the implementation works jointly together with the Stieber Environmental Protection Ltd., microbiologists and cave professionals.

The climate of the caves can be affected and possibly endangered by several factors. The most important parameters are the energy-change between the surface and the caves, the temperature of the recipient solid rocks, the morphology of the cave, the changes in the weather, the quality and the contamination of the dripping water and the streams in the caves and the ratio of the organic matter in the cave sediments.

We did the investigations mostly in Hungary, partly in Slovakia with the cooperation of the authorities and trustees:

  • Tracer tests with Flurescein, Rodamin, Tinopal,
  • Geophysical measurements (electromagnetic and geoelectrical methods),
  • Water quality measurements,
  • In-situ measurements of contaminations and its spreadings,
  • Soil measurements,
  • Hydrodinamic and transport modelling,
  • Cave climate measurements,
  • Microbiological and Radon-concentration measurements.

Aggtelek National Park – Hungary