Smart Dikes Connect to Cloud

Whether we believe humans are responsible for climate change or not, it’s upon us nonetheless. In the not too distant future, due to rising sea levels and extreme weathers we’ll have to build more and more dikes to protect us from floods. For our own safety, these dikes and levees require regular maintenance. We do this not to respond to another catastrophe but to prevent one.
GEOGOLD KARPATIA @DACHS offers a complete monitoring system that is installed at the location and provides a cost-effective solution for managing risk. By taking regular measurements of a dike’s state we can track changes, identify patterns and trigger early warnings, ensuring we can focus our efforts and resources on the most stressing areas. 
Measurement data is stored securely in the cloud and is accessible anywhere with a laptop or handheld device.
The system covers a specialized Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) tool for long-term monitoring activities. 
The system is a multinode ERT making it possible to cover extensive areas due to its modularity. The instrument is installed in an underground shaft making it safe, invisible and rugged. Since the system is connected to a cloud service, it can be installed on remote areas as well. All data transfer and control commands happen via online connection. Data is stored locally and in the cloud therefore minimizing the possibility of data loss. The system takes measurements automatically with pre-set settings (schedule, ERT parameters) but all types of customized measurements can be arranged promptly.


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