Landscape, drone records


Tracer tests

Sampling, water level measurement

Preparation and processing

After long wait and organization, the field measurement series of the
REVITAL 1 INTERREG HUSKROUA program has finally started.
In the first phase electrical and electromagnetic geophysical
measurements are carried out. With these methods we can map the exact
shape of the salt dome, together with the position and extent of the
contained cavities and shafts. Geological formations which can influence
the hydrogeological flow system (pebble, sand, clay and their
combinations) are also identified in the vicinity of the salt body.
In parallel with the above-mentioned activities, we also started to mark
out a monitoring system. To collect water flow data, Dataqua brand water
level registers are installed in already existing wells.
To determine water flow directions and travel times, tracer studies are
performed. The applied Tinopal and Fluorescein agents are non-hazardous
tracers that are widely used internationally.
The planning and feasibility of the measurements and tests are strongly
influenced by the interoperability of the Hungarian, Romanian and
Ukrainian borders and the accompanying quarantine obligation.