Introducing the GeoGold Team

Our company, GeoGold Kárpátia Ltd. – as the legal successor of GeoGold 2002 LP. established in 2002 – provides services in the field of hydrogeology, geology and shallow geophysics since 2005.

Our company works with well-trained, experienced geologists and geophysicists.

We have developed excellent relationships with Hungarian universities educating Geological and Geophysical courses; some of their most respected experts are regularly involved in our projects. 

We are proud to work with Dr. Imre Müller, who with a professional knowledge and commitment to science, helps GeoGold Kárpátia Ltd. in its long-term plans.


Antal Serfőző

Páll Zsuzsanna

Tibor Mátrahalmi

István Striczki

Magdolna Ambrus

Ilma Balázs

Márton Bujdosó

Bence György Fehérvári

Sándor Jákfalvi

Tamás Lukács

Dr. Imre Müller

Told about us

“We have been working on a development with GeoGold Kárpátia Kft. for a year and a half. Our cooperation has been proven to be reliable and professional. Their colleagues are prepared and committed, they are working with a proactive attitude, precisely and with high standards. I hope we can work on more successful projects in the upcoming years. ”

András Frontóproject manager of DACHS Hungary Kft

“Geogold Kárpátia Kft. and their employees have always emphasized the importance of climate protection and adaptation. By transferring their knowledge and experience as designers, consultants, their contributors will also be more climate-conscious and environmentally aware, which will not only shape souls, individual attitudes, but also make municipal development much more effective.”

dr. György KukelyManaging Director of MEGÉRTI Ltd.

“With Antal Serfőző we have known each other for 15 years and our company relationship is close to 5 years so as a customer and as a contractor we also rely on each other’s knowledge and experience.

We are fully satisfied with the geophysical and hydrogeological surveys and services performed by GeoGold Kárpátia Kft. I strongly recommend them to my partners.”

József StefánManaging Director of Geohidroterv Ltd.

“Astonishing what extreme ideas GeoGold can come up with that always proved to be feasible in practice. Their creativity meets flexibility. ”

Tamás JakabManaging Director of Intergeo Budapest Ltd.

“The Aggtelek National Park Directorate is the only one of the ten national parks of Hungary that was founded primarily to preserve geoheritage conservation values. The Board of Directors’ primary mission is to preserve, present and research these values. We have a continuous professional relationship with GeoGold Kárpátia Kft. for more than ten years. The specialty of the company is the high level of professionalism, precise, fast and flexible work, which has always been accomplished even under extreme conditions (eg narrow, wet caves). In the framework of our cooperation they carried out geophysical measurements and tracer tests to discover unknown cave passages and to localize the exact catchment area of ​ karst springs.”

Peter GruberAggtelek National Park Directorate